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The absolute worst thing Is to be told your baby is not growing well and it is your fault.

I know this feeling and trust me it is the absolute worst.

While we know some babies are tiny, we also know that babies need  certain amount of food and weight to grow and remain healthy.

Dear Mom, this course “FEED AND GROW YOUR BABY” is the answer a lot of you have been waiting for.

I have made this information packed video course to help you feed your baby the way they need so they can grow optimally.

Some of the points that would be covered during this course is:

  • How much food you should be giving your baby; based on weight and age calculations
  • The right way to latch
  • Feeding frequency
  • How to tell your baby is getting enough Milk
  • Increase and maintain your milk supply.

Let me help you get the confidence you need to care for your baby they best way you can.

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